the pieces you need for this fall season


leather pants.

these pants are perfect to edge up a sweater and boots. check out XLE’s “Lauren cropped pants” for $59 USD.


Over-sized hoodies.

Stay warm and comfortable while being in street style trend. Dress up your outfit with gold earrings, a nice purse and sick boots or sneakers. My favorite hoodies are from the brand Shadow Hill.


Dad sneakers

I know that these shoes are controversial and a hot topic in recent fashion. I wasn’t as excited about them, but I have warmed up. Chanel and Balenciaga’s are by far the best selection so far.


Demin Jacket

Denim jackets are perfect for layering up. Throw a hoodie underneath and leather pants and you are good to go! My favorite denim jackets are vintage. You can probably thrift a super cute one as well.

Samantha Bickel