5 trends you'll continue to see everywhere in 2017

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oversized sweatshirts

Men's XL hoodies make the perfect socially acceptable top without pants. It's basically a dress lol. I love urban outfitter's selection. 

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Tiny Glasses

These glasses may seem ridiculous to some, but they really add character to any basic outfit. My favorite selections are from vintage stores like : whatgoesaroundcomesaround

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mule slides

Stores like Gucci, Steve Madden and Forever 21 have various trendy styles depending on your price limit. 

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layered gold jewelry

I am a sucker for all of [themjewelers] designs. They are so simple yet add so much to any plain white tee. 

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mom jeans

So comfy to throw on with a graphic tee or crop top for a casual day. 

Samantha Bickel